Social Media Strategy Blog Posts

1. -Simple; three steps that are right to the point on strategizing the elements of Social Media Marketing.

2. -Three steps are in depth with Social Media Marketing, gives ideas such as Facebook ads to help the reader with examples.

3. -This article uses eight, short steps to help the reader strategize media marketing. Uses up-to-date tactics to efficiently help the reader.

4. -gives 7 steps on social media strategizing to help people who may be participating in small businesses, gives examples of how big bussinesses have succeded through media.

5. -lists 26 helpful tips in all, gives examples such as Facebook pictures on how businesses use social media to reach out to the public. Pictures are located on almost every tip to help the reader in every possible way.


Twitter Blogs Useful for twitter business management 5 steps for useful twitter marketing gives 5 steps on how to boost and energize your marketing for twitter 5 useful steps to help your business in online marketing  20 whole steps on developing and managing twitter for business and marketing

More Popular Facebook Blogs

    1. Summarizes Facebook Marketing in 7 steps, including examples with each step
    2. Helps with big or small corporations
    1. Shows how to use FB metrics to improve your page.
    2. Provides step by step examples on how to achieve it.
    1. Provides 5 steps to achieve successful Facebook marketing
    2. Ranges from fan pages to aps, gives detail in each step
    1. Gives 14 steps to progress your Facebook Managing skills.
    2. Explains how Facebook and other social media sites are great ways to achieve marketing for your business or fan page
    1. This article explains how Facebook trafficking and the popularity of FB can assist your page or website
    2. Shows the proper necessities, such as correct pixilation size for your photos, and helpful tips on how to use apps appropriately. 


    1. Gives personal information about Pinterest, gives advice for boards, how to get followers, and what to pin.
    1. Explains 5 steps on how to get your pins noticed on Pinterest, like pinning constantly, repining, and participating in numerous group boards.
    1. Argues if Pinterest is necessary to help businesses with social media, gives tips to newcomers in Pinterest, such as making pinning easy.
    1. Gives helpful information to small businesses with Pinterest, as well as newcomers in 25 simple steps.
    1. Gives 5 steps to use Pinterest for business, such as competition and market research, as well as understanding the viewers.

Popular Blogs

The Blogs I’ve chosen: 
Adhere Creative Blog Very popular, helps with expanding inbound marketing. 
B2B Inbound Blog Helps with inbound marketing skills that fit yourself. 
Being Peter Kim Blog Blogs are short and to the point with marketing. 
Bluleadz Covers all aspects of marketing and inbound marketing. 
Coppyblogger Popular blog for helping with creativity skills.

Social Media Marketing

This fall semester, I included myself in a class that dealt with social media marketing. This class helps future business men succeed in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google Plus. Students get hands on experience from a well instructed teacher to help them organize with the social media sites. They will learn about and creat blog posts from Linkedin or WordPress. They will also get hands on experience with businesses from the local area.