Effective Blogs on Facebook Marketing

  1. http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/04/15/facebook-marketing
    1. Summarizes Facebook Marketing in 7 steps, including examples with each step
    2. Helps with big or small corporations
  2. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/analyze-facebook-metrics/#more-48563
    1. Shows how to use FB metrics to improve your page.
    2. Provides step by step examples on how to achieve it.
  3. http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/12676/5-Key-Tools-for-Effective-Facebook-Marketing.aspx
    1. Provides 5 steps to achieve successful Facebook marketing
    2. Ranges from fan pages to aps, gives detail in each step
  4. http://blog.socialmaximizer.com/14-tips-for-marketing-on-facebook/
    1. Gives 14 steps to progress your Facebook Managing skills.
    2. Explains how Facebook and other social media sites are great ways to achieve marketing for your business or fan page
  5. http://www.virtualsocialmedia.com/effective-facebook-marketing-services/
    1. This article explains how Facebook trafficking and the popularity of FB can assist your page or website
    2. Shows the proper necessities, such as correct pixilation size for your photos, and helpful tips on how to use apps appropriately. 

Useful Blog Posts for Pinterest Business

  1. http://socialmediatoday.com/mary-green/1927346/introduction-pinterest-business
    1. Gives personal information about Pinterest, gives advice for boards, how to get followers, and what to pin.
  2. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/get-your-pins-noticed-on-pinterest/
    1. Explains 5 steps on how to get your pins noticed on Pinterest, like pinning constantly, repining, and participating in numerous group boards.
  3. http://trustworkz.com/pinterest-for-business-darling-of-the-internet-or-huge-time-suck/
    1. Argues if Pinterest is necessary to help businesses with social media, gives tips to newcomers in Pinterest, such as making pinning easy.
  4. http://socialmediatoday.com/sarah-mincher/1879726/25-amazing-pinterest-facts-your-small-business
    1. Gives helpful information to small businesses with Pinterest, as well as newcomers in 25 simple steps.
  5. http://www.steamfeed.com/5-ways-use-pinterest-business/
    1. Gives 5 steps to use Pinterest for business, such as competition and market research, as well as understanding the viewers.

Youtube Businesses

Successful Youtube Business Channels

  1. Best Buy
    1. Stands apart because they appeal to the technological youth, and are very popular during the holiday season.
    2. Post videos a couple times a day
    3. Get most interaction with the items they sell, such as Dr. Dre Headphones or PS4
    4. Has over 9,000 subscribers
    5. Could amp up advertising this Holiday season for profitable income.
  2. Allstate Insurance
    1. Stands apart because they use humorous, yet informative commercials to appeal to their audience
    2. Posts videos a couple times a week
    3. Most interaction through their advertisements
    4. Over 11,000 subscribers
    5. Make more funny commercials to amp up competition.
  3. Geico
    1. Stands apart from competition because of their commercials, such as the infamous Hump Day commercial.
    2. Posts about 5 times a year
    3. Most interaction with their business such as speedy insurance.
    4. Over 65,000 subscribers
    5. Veer more toward the business and less toward humorous advertisements, focus a little more 0n advertisements.
  4. Kmart
    1. Pushes the bounds with advertisement by almost adding curse words to their commercials.
    2. Active a couple times a week on Youtube.
    3. Gets more interaction with advertisements rather than products.
    4. Over 27,000 subscribers on Youtube.
    5. Focus on what they sell more could help, even though their commercials are very funny.
  5. Sony
    1. Has many items available to advertise on, such as the Playstation.
    2. Active about 5 times a week on Youtube
    3. Gets most interaction with Playstation
    4. Over 50,000 subscribers on Youtube
    5. Focus on their main seller-Playstation.